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Hello and welcome to Nutrition and Cake, a team who provide nutrition education to help you discover a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The team is run by Nutritionists, Hannah and Elysia, who are registered with the Association for Nutrition (Afn). They provide nutrition based education and advice to clients.

The name Nutrition and Cake is based on their ethos – you can have a healthy, well balanced diet and still eat cake (in moderation). Nutrition and Cake do not offer or promote diet plans but focus on individualised nutrition aimed to meet the clients needs. Therefore, any advised changes will take into account the clients lifestyle, likes and dislikes.

Hannah and Elysia aim to help clients find a balance between a healthy but enjoyable lifestyle. The focus will be on making small sustainable changes that make big differences long term. They will never ask you to restrict food from your diet but focus on all foods in moderation.

Hannah and Elysia offer a range of services to meet the clients needs. If Nutrition and Cake sounds like a good fit for you, head to our services and contact page to find our more.

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N&C believe that mindfulness plays an important role in overall health. Reducing stress and finding ways to relax the mind play a vital role in our health and wellbeing, not just food alone.

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As keen sports women and lovers of the outdoors, N&C know the importance of exercise for overall health and wellbeing. Hannah and Elysia both hold degrees in Sports as well as Nutrition.

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Keen cooks and creators in the kitchen, N&C are always finding new recipes to create and enjoy. Hannah’s Dad was a Chef growing up and taught her key skills from a young age.

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