"Our health is more than the foods that we eat. It includes relaxing the mind, reducing stress and moving our body on a regular basis".
Nutrition and Cake Nutritionists
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Hello, and welcome to Nutrition and Cake (N&C). We are a Nutritionist duo who provide nutrition education to help you lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We are registered with the Association for Nutrition (Afn) which ensures that you receive up to date, science based advice, which is reliable. 

The name Nutrition and Cake is based on our ethos – you can enjoy a healthy, well balanced diet and still eat cake in moderation. Our focus is to make small sustainable changes over a period of time, to ensure long term success. We do not promote or advise any form of dietary restriction and generalised diet plans are not provided.

Our sessions are client led and individualised to ensure long term success. Any advised changes will take into account the clients lifestyle, likes and dislikes, and any allergies or intolerances. 

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Wellness & Retreats:

Mindfulness plays an important role in overall health. Reducing stress and finding ways to relax the mind play a vital role in our health and wellbeing, not just food alone. To enjoy the full nutrition and wellness experience we host Retreats at our Farmhouse in the Highlands of Scotland.

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About us:

Keen sports women and lovers of the outdoors, we know the importance of exercise for overall health & wellbeing. We both have degrees in Sports as well as Nutrition and both have a long history of working in the NHS and private practise.

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Keen cooks and creators in the kitchen, we are always finding new recipes to create and enjoy. Hannah learnt from a young age her culinary skills due to her Dad being a chef and teaching her from a young age. 

We have sweet to savoury option to choose from, opting for lower sugar options where possible. Enjoy some of our “Recipes” here!

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