Our Services

1:1 Nutrition consultancy

We provide online nutrition consultancy sessions, tailored to your specific needs. Our services are currently all online so that we can help people across the world.

We hold an initial consultation with you to find out more about yourself, as well as tell you more about what we can offer you. In addition, we will provide you with some forms to fill out to get an insight into your current lifestyle so we can get to know you more and work around you.

Follow-up sessions will be tailored specifically to you as every person is individual and has specific requirements. Our sessions are not a one size fits all approach. Please get in touch for more information.

Media Publications

We provide media publications for your website, magazine, newspaper and more. There is too much misinformation in the media and we want to change this. We will provide content for your media that is evidence based and backed by science. To get in touch, please drop us a message via our contact us page.

Menu and Recipe Analysis

Are you a business owner? Do you need someone to analyse the nutrition content on your menu or cook book? We can provide the tools and service to give you a full dietary anaylsis of your food menu or recipes. For example, we can give you a nutrient breakdown, allergen information, calorie content and much more. Nutrition information can be confusing but it is essential that this information is correct to ensure the safety of the customer. Contact us to enquire.

We provide further services such as working with schools, large businesses and healthcare professionals so please, do get in touch with us. We are happy to help where possible!