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Caoimhe Keohane (@wild_anam) brings her Yoga and Rewilding expertise to our Nutrition, Health and Wellness Retreats.

Wild Anam means Wild Soul, as “Anam” means “breath, spirit or soul” in Gaelic.

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Rewilding humans through Mindfulness, Movement and Mythology.

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My name is Caoimhe, I’m from West Cork in Ireland and now live in the Scottish Highlands. I have a passion for rewilding, and believe that humans can learn to rewild themselves through mindfulness, movement & mythology.

When guiding nature walks, I encourage the space for mindfulness and presence. The way we walk in nature can have a significant impact on our experience and nervous system, we learn to slow down and breathe in the experience. Moving in tune with our bodies and the natural environment around us.

As we walk and explore the surrounding nature, we explore the highland natural history, ecology, mythology and folklore of plants and animals, the stories of our ancestors and the story of the land.

Yoga Retreat Caoimhe

I teach hatha, vinyasa and yin yoga. The class can be designed to suit the individual groups requirement. The class will allow time and space to feel deeply into every posture, working with the breath and using it to guide us throughout.

I love working with mythological stories, animals and artworks that give us a sense of connection to our ancestral roots. I am fascinated by Celtic mythology and folklore and love sharing local stories while walking in nature and by the fire.

The goal of my offerings is to allow the space for humans to connect to themselves and the land through breath, mindfulness, movement & mythology. Leaving with an immersive & embodied experience of what it means to be REWILDED.

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